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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Philadelphia

ServiceMaster Services also provides carpet cleaning in Exton, Downingtown, West Chester, Wayne, Great Valley, King of Prussia, and Eagle, PA.

ServiceMaster Services a dedicated commercial carpet cleaning company in Philadelphia, PA. Carpeting is a key visual component of most businesses, regardless of industry. Clean carpeting can serve as a reflection of a business, but it can also be a costly aesthetic investment. Clean carpets project a clean image and portray a business that cares about its appearance. Our carpet cleaning services are designed to keep your carpeting looking as new and as clean as the day it was installed and extend the life of your carpet for as long as possible.

When cleaning carpets, we remove spots and spills, prevent soil accumulation. and lift carpet fiber to maximize a plush and clean appearance. Whenever possible, we follow carpet manufacturer recommendations to remove dirt and odor using green cleaning methods and materials. These processes are both good for the environment and the health of your employees as well.

Through our janitorial services, we provide daily and weekly carpet cleaning services to meet the needs of your business. Through our commercial cleaning services, we offer extensive carpet cleaning to remove the deepest debris, particles, and dirt from your carpets. This protects the fibers from becoming worn down and frayed and keeps the color from fading.

Our carpet cleaning approach is always tailored to your unique business requirements. Our services include simple preventive tasks like vacuuming and walk off matting. They also include interim cleaning approaches (such as surface rinsing, dry powder cleaning, power pile lifting, and light extraction) and deep cleaning using hot water extraction.

Our extensive carpet cleaning services can extend the carpet life and look to any business within the Exton, Downingtown, West Chester, Wayne, Great Valley, King of Prussia, and Eagle, PA communities. For more details on our customized carpet cleaning plans, contact ServiceMaster Services today!